As you begin in some type of academic work that needs some report, or even when you need to make the famous monographs, it is very common to use citations to support the thesis you are presenting. But how to quote dissertation or thesis in your academic work correctly?

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How to quote dissertation or thesis in your monograph?

In his thesis, Alexandre Abdal presents the concept of how the state supposes some particularities in countries considered as underdeveloped or emerging, acting as an ignition for those who have a late industrialization. (ABDAL, 2015)

In the quotation from the dissertation above, you may note that the author’s name and the date of publication of his thesis had been marked. As you develop your academic work you need to be careful about issues like plagiarism, limiting yourself to paraphrasing the author’s words.

In quotations from a specific section, we use the quotation marks to use the quotation. If it also contains quotation marks, these should be transcribed with single quotes for differentiation, along with the page where the affirmation and the year of publication are found.

Allowing your work to possess some plagiarized passageway may end up with the credibility of your dissertation and also with your credibility as an academic.

Cadastering the data of the dissertation

So to add as a source the author of the dissertation, or thesis, that you are using to help you sustain your thesis, you will need to open the References tab in Word.

In this tab you can manage the bibliographic sources and add the data of the dissertation used.

Select the report style for the bibliographic source, so the formatting of your citation will be in accordance with NBR 6023: 2002.

Also in this tab will be added the name of the author, where the surname will be added first, followed by the first name, which in turn is followed by the second name. If the dissertation has more than one author, this process must be repeated until all the names have been entered.

After this, the title of the dissertation, the year in which it was published, the city and the institution will be inserted in the gaps.

In the tab of the institution must also be added the area of ​​study of the thesis with the full name of the institution.

With this you have already registered all the bibliographic data of the dissertation, or thesis, that will be used in your academic work.

Standard 6023

It is recommended that a format file of NBR 6023 be installed in your Word.

Click here and learn how to install this standard.

Because it is the norm that governs and guides the method of using citations in scholarly works, not having it can make you need to reformat your text style.

And with this file, you will already have a system that will leave even the spacings between lines and words, correctly.

Did You Learn How to Cite Dissertation or Thesis?

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