Many students ask me the following question: What is the difference of a monograph for a dissertation?

If you think that writing both is the same, with this content we will explain to you the main difference between the two.

Difference between monograph and dissertation

And if I tell you that the difference between a monograph and a dissertation is just one detail. But a detail that changes everything.

One student once contacted our team, saying that he had already taken a CBT and was now wanting to write a dissertation.

And he was very confused about what to do. He said, “Professor, is it just putting more content that will be right?”

Many people find that a dissertation is just adding more chapters that everything is solved. But the answer is no, the dissertation is different, but it only changes one thing.

ntenda what is this thing and how you are going to do, which in case is the methodology that you will apply.

Understanding the difference between the two

Now that you know what the only difference is between a monograph and a dissertation. You now need to understand this point that sets them apart.

A dissertation probably will not have a descriptive methodology, like the monographs. She does not describe anything after all.

The methodology here will be explanatory or exploratory. Explanatory, because it explains why and why.

That single detail is about to change all of your work. Well, the research method will be different, after all before you described about something, which is the case of a CBT.

Now, you have to explain the reason, why that thing happened. This will generate more complications for you and a much higher level of writing difficulty.


Now that you know the difference between a monograph and a dissertation it is time to deepen your knowledge.

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